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Blinds... by RobertSleeper

A wonderfully precise exposure. I think there's a real magic to the work you do with Sara. Her expressions seem to come across as both ...

Stay out of my business... by RobertSleeper

Obviously an elaborate concept in terms of applying the paper to the model. Extremely well done in that regard. What I notice most is t...

A great picture should make you want to touch it.

Coming Fall, 2013 Model Photographer is a book about my first year and a half in model photography. It's not a how to, rather a description of the people and personalities that make up the photography scene of Southern, PA. Along with my photography I will offer my observations and experiences of the models and photographers I worked with and admire. Who are these people? What are the dynamics between them? And how do they go about creating their work? I will take a honest and straight look at the complexities that I feel make their photography so strong. Scott Church, whose sheer force of personality would be enough in it's own right to justify a book, creates art on a daily basis that is both commercially successful and masterful. Even after over 20 years and rightfully assuming a point at the top of a pyramid of photographers, he is still evolving, still searching in my opinion for the next perfect image. How does this powerful personality translate into his work? Other photographers whose work I will discuss include Randy White, Bill Earle, Rick Huff, Adam Alexander, Arthur Steele, Steve Lease, Bob Sleeper, Jenna JMac McDowell, Al Morrison, Mark Wiles, Benoit Barbe, Chris Carroll, Carl Miller, Harry Connor, Jason Mahaffey, John P Dunnigan, Tim Prendergast, Paul Vasiliades, Jon Jaephotography, Christopher Hann, Jeff Bangert, Chris Davis, Pete Koop, Mike Gainer, and Bob Bossinger. Most importantly for me I will also talk about the models I've worked with, how they moved me, inspired me. Trinity Chevalier, who I think the world should know about; Alexandria Adair, classic beauty, seemingly effortless talent; the celebrated Cherry Pye; Bonsai Tree, the most beautiful man I've ever known and freakishly powerful in emoting on camera; Skelly, passionate and beautiful;  Calypso Sky, consummate professional with a classic hollywood beauty; sweet, young Alexia Pik, and others to be named later, plus a few I hope to get to work with before the book is finished. It's a personal story; I did often get wrapped up in the person I was shooting, trying to figure out who they were by taking their picture. I did this with varying degrees of success. To me, if a model isn't your muse at the moment you are shooting them, there is no point. At least in part, this book is my way of putting into words what I was trying to capture on camera. It's part confession, part celebration, but it is the only way I know to tell others about this remarkable group of beautiful people both in front of and behind the lens. It's a story about the pictures I made, some of which may be decent efforts, but it's also a story about the failures I experienced, the mistakes I made. I suppose I could just paint a pretty portrait of things, but life is much more than that, and the failures are part of the picture.



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Many thanks for the support, you're gallery is pretty smokin' by the way....
MKAphotography Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank for tha fave! I really appreciate it :hug:
yvART Nov 26, 2013   Photographer
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mpalmeri Aug 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the watch!
I hope you guys get a night shoot soon the shadows are gonna be amazing :)
KenHarrisPhoto Feb 15, 2013  Professional Photographer
hey, cool, do I know you?
KurtKrueger Feb 13, 2013  Professional Photographer
Thanks for the watch! You can also follow me over on tumblr for more goodies (which I can't post here): [link]

Also please check out my new book "LIPS": [link] :)

~ kurt
KenHarrisPhoto Feb 13, 2013  Professional Photographer
you are lucky to have worked with Wenona, I'm a fan of hers
KurtKrueger Feb 14, 2013  Professional Photographer
She was absolutely wonderful to work with - and I plan to do it again as soon as I can. You won't BELIVE the images I did of her - a lot of which will have to be posted on tumblr instead of here. Just awesome.

~ Kurt
I am extremely impressed with your photographs. Now I am by no means anyone of importance in your industry but rather someone who simply enjoys the human body in all shapes and sizes. Not many male photographers that I have viewed can and do make their work tasteful and wildly erotic without crossing the very fine line into being crass and distasteful. I applaud you on your skill, tact and professionalism.
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